Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The Lord has chosen you to be His treasured possession. DEUTERONOMY 14:2 NIV
I am treasured. My Lord, God Himself, treasures me. He treasures each and every one of us.
God keeps pouring out His precious sweet saving grace on me. Grace that came by blood and sweat yet He turns it to sweet tender and grace filled love.

God used a friend to speak to me last week about forgiviness. It's easier for me to forgive others than to forgive myself. I can see that God wants me to give them grace; I just haven't been able to see it for myself. My friend asked me this question: Becky what if God wants you to forgive yourself before He moves on and does the things you are praying and asking?
Forgiveness for myself? Hmm that wasn't what I had in mind. I'd rather just know that God loves me, since He's God He can do that, love me. But as I started thinking and praying about this forgiveness thing, God began to soften my heart towards myself. He's taken me back to where it all started. The Cross. The one that was carved with His love, His grace pouring down through His blood. I cannot deny this love, I can't turn away from it. If I turn away from love I turn away from God Himself. So I move on.

This journey called love and grace, it wasn't free but it is given freely.
That's the beauty of grace. God has given us His one and only son, and it came with great sacrifice, and its free for the taking, for any of us who will receive.
A few chains fell of this week and I feel lighter. His grace, it sets us free.

We can't give ourselves forgiveness but we can give Jesus the ability to do it in us. It's a gift, a gift of Grace. It gives me the hope of becoming more like Jesus, of beholding His beauty and Holiness, of loving Him a bit more, of believing His love for me a bit more... of loving the Jesus who made me, and loving what He's made.
This is what Christmas is for me. The gift, Jesus that keeps giving, that Gives His all and Keeps on giving.


  1. "This journey called love and grace, it wasn't free but it is given freely." Becky, this whole piece is a treasure...truly...so beautifully written, but the above words are what stood out to me. I'm going to enter that in my journal and just meditate on it as I have some quiet time. For truly, we need to remember it wasn't free...we were bought with a price...but yet He gives to us freely. Such a precious soul you are, my new friend.

  2. Dianna, did you know that you are an answer to one of my prayers? To have someone who listens and reads and encourages me. What you said blessed my heart. Thank you so very much. You are precious!

  3. Becky, thanks for sharing this with me! It's funny that we so infrequently get to talk, but God is teaching us some of the same things. I am reading a book by Randy Alcorn called "The Truth and Grace Paradox" and it is wonderful!! I am heavy on truth for myself and others and weak on grace for myself and particularly my children. God is really speaking to me about grace these days, sometimes some of the very thoughts you so beautifully put down in your blog! I would really like to make time maybe every other week or so to get together with you just to pray and hold each other accountable to what God is teaching us. Is that something you would like? Maybe we could start in January if you'd like to do that. I don't have another woman that I can really confide in and pray with and that is seriously lacking in my life right now.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Melissa. I would love to do that. It's been something I've been needing and wanting too. yay! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas too. Hope your trip is great.