Friday, December 17, 2010

In everything give thanks

It's been one of those weeks. The kind that feel like they won't end, that would be told goodbye with zeal. We've been sick all week. I've been out of the house once in 7 days. The kids are needy. I'm needy. I need to be filled.
I'm working on being thankful instead of being fearful. I must admit when I layed down last night I felt quite anxious and fearful. The house is a wreck, the laundry is beyond catching up, the kids are fevering, our bedroom floor has been covered with blankets and bowls and sick kids for a week. But I wrestled, well God wrestled for me. I have a hard time looking at the positive. I'm often a negative person, but that's not my desire and I've been asking Jesus to help me see the good, to rejoice in His presence even in the midst of things that aren't ideal. He's faithful. His mercies are new every morning, new every minute.
So the coffee is brewing, the kids are watching a movie, the toddler is sleeping... and I'm starting my day over.
In everything give thanks. This is a grace gift. Something that blesses me much more than it blesses Him. So I am thankful:
Continuing to count my blessings, my gifts from God that He pours out daily, even when I don't notice because I'm too busy wishing things were different:

gifts #127-137
quiet beautiful white snow and ice covering the ground

watching the dog struggle to walk and sniff with ice breaking under each step :O)

a plump bird perched on top of an ice covered tree.

Birds eating off the neighbor's bird house.

My 4 yr. old Abby running up to me with a sweet scribbled picture for ME

Husband who sees my weaknesses and overlooks them.

God who forgives with joy my shortcomings.

God who knows my deepest needs

Warm full house of love and memories

A 10 yr old Caleb asking if we can put more Christmas music on

A sick fevering Becca that looks up from the spot on the couch she's been laying on for days and says "Mommy I love you".

4 yr old Abby telling me she loves me 100 and 10 days.

And my thankfulness goes on.
The joy of the Lord is my strength.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your gratitude list...and I so wish that I lived close by that I could come in and help out with laundry, and food and straightening of the house for you. Do take care and I pray that all of you feel much better soon!