Monday, December 13, 2010

Grace filled days

Don't these pitiful faces make you want to pick them up? Most of our family has the flu. Marc just took 5 out of our 6 kids to the Dr. to confirm it. I've been sick too which is uncommon. Somehow I usually slide by without getting sick. John-Marc (2) kept looking up at me yesterday and saying "Can you help me? I thought my heart would break.
It's been humbling to let Marc take care of me. He's got quite a house full of needy people these last couple days.
I'm looking out the window past our glowing Christmas tree. It's white out there. The snow is beautiful.
Continuing my 1000 gifts from God...My gratitude's. #112-126

The gift of having gratitude- I'm convinced it blesses me much more than it blesses the gift giver Himself.

Blankets and snuggles when we are sick.

IB Prophen!

A Husband who gives from his heart, always far above what is expected or needed.

A healthy energy filled smiling boy who has managed to slide by without getting sick!

The joy of knowing my Saviour loves me amidst it all.

His Faithfulness that is truly new each day.

Our sweet dog Lucy who is staying by my side to comfort me when I'm sick

The beauty of grace, the gifts that He brings daily that go unnoticed and unspoken.

The way my heart jumps a beat when I think that He does all of this for me.

Laundry stacked up and folded on the couch. I have lots of little bodies in this home that wear those comfy clothes.

Amazing blessing gift challenge and joy in having these 6 little people to mentor and train love and teach.

Jesus never tires of pouring out His grace.

Boiling water in a big stock pot ready to add spaghetti. Simple, quick and easy

Pasta boxes with more than 4 servings. ;O)

A washing machine

Clean towels

footed fleece jammies for little ones

Big boys playing out in the snow making an AMAZING fort

Grace and more Grace, My Father never fails to poor His grace out freely.

Christmas books from my MIL

Christmas movies the sappy make you feel good ones

A husband that likes the Christmas movies and cries through them with me.

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  1. I'm surely sorry to hear that your family is so sick. Grateful you have a hubby who knows how to take good care of his crew! Will be praying for you.