Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still not sleeping well

I went to bed at 9:30pm and woke at 12:40 (one of the kids needed something) and then I was awake until I got up at 6:45 with the exception of 2-3 times where I fell asleep for 15-30min. each. This is crazy and it's making me feel horrible. Marc came home this morning and I slept 2 hrs.. then he went back to work. I tried to nap a little bit ago with Abby and I can't sleep still. I'm going to go try again.
My Dr. thinks that it hopefully will improve once my body gets more use to my meds but man I won't make it many more weeks or days like this! No sleeping medicines are doing anything either... and after spending $60 on a new one yesterday I'm not spending anymore money on prescriptions that won't work. There's one more (ambien CR) that the Dr. wanted to put me on before the last one but my insurance made me try the other first.. so now I'd be paying another $60 for the Ambien CR (released through the night vs. any of the other sleep meds wearing off through the night).
I've went through periods of not sleeping many times when I am in a manic state.. but I don't think that's what this is. I think it's just a side effect of the wellbutrin. I'm so hoping it goes away though because I can really tell the wellbutrin is helping. It gives me energy and helps me focus my mind on something so I can actually accomplish a task (really helps the ADD). AHHHHH
I'm dizzy and nauseous on the computer or watching tv today so I assume my body is fighting off a migraine. I'm on migraine preventative so here's to hoping it works. I have a headache but it's not terrible right now.
Going to try to rest again.... sigh
Please pray for me that I'll be able to start sleeping again! Thanks!

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