Sunday, February 14, 2010

Migraine/vertigo issues

I haven't been able to look at the computer tv or read books or anything since thurs. I got a migraine thurs. with headache, blurry vision, spots, and nausea... well it has improved at times but overall it's still there and it's miserable.
I'm praying that it's just a migraine and that it will go away soon. My concern is that it may be from the medications I'm on. I really really don't want to switch anymore medicines right now so please pray that this clears up.
Ok I wish I could blog more but this head stuff isn't allowing that.


  1. love you so much becky. i am glad you are writing this stuff out. it will get better. you are doing just what you should be doing.

  2. Joel you just really made my day! I love you too. I treasure you and Monica's support, love and prayers. You have the best wife! :O)