Saturday, February 20, 2010

So how likely is all this head/eye stuff my eye sight??

How likely is my headache/eye ache/dizziness/spots/nausea that I keep having a result of bad eye sight??? Several people have said to have my eyes checked.. going to today! I bet it's just medicine I'm on and hormones but it's worth a try. ;o( I've been having migraines for over a year, and especially menstrual migraines. I am pretty convinced it's not my eye sight but I'll check anything just in case!
I'm discouraged. I had this bad headache dizziness spots and eye pain for 5 days, it went away now 3 days later it's back. It's just like when I get migraines except I get really nauseous with this eye stuff and my migraines aren't normal so vision related.
Please pray that this stops! I don't want to have to switch any meds, it's horrible switching from one thing to the next, horrible side effects and my mood goes crazy! Please pray. God is good, He's got me and I know He's bigger than all this. Reminding myself!

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