Saturday, February 6, 2010

Babies are good medicine

For me anyway!
We have 3 families coming over tomorrow for a super bowl party.. While trying to clean the house today I just felt worse and worse... I just can't seem to handle any extra stress right now. Normal things feel so difficult right now. I know tomorrow we'll have a great time with friends and it will all be worth it. I get so so stressed about having people over, and thinking about how much I needed and wanted to do before they came just made me an anxious mess. A friend called me to see if we wanted to come over for a playdate... and since I was cleaning I asked her if she and her little ones wanted to come play here instead. After I got off the phone I started stressing about all the kids playing together and making the house even messier... Anyway I just went into this horrible mood and I felt like I didn't want to see anyone or talk to anyone. It wasn't my friend, she's great.. I just don't know what happens sometimes but I can be doing fine and just a small thing can set me off and then I just spiral down.
Anyway after getting a shower and praying a bunch I finally came out and was able to slowly relax and enjoy their company.
I got to snuggle her 4 month old baby a bunch. He felt so good. :O) I felt better throughout the day and we had a good time; our family ended up going to their house for pizza for dinner... which was fun for all of us.
Sometimes trying to function when I feel so bad inside is really hard.

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