Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can't get back to sleep

I went to bed at 10:30pm, woke at 1am and here I am still awake at 2:45am. I finally got up to get something to eat (a banana) as I didn't eat enough yesterday and was really hungry. I took a 1/2 an ambien too. Something about hormones make it twice as hard to sleep during that time of the month. My mind is a bit over driven, I'm dreaming about the wellbutrin and what is causing the high blood pressure and trying to solve it all IN MY DREAMS. So when I wake I feel like I haven't slept. I took my blood pressure 1 hour after taking my ambien sleeping med and my corgard med (which is a med to treat high blood pressure and it also works to prevent migraines which is why I'm on it) and it was 121/86 which is just a little high. Then in the middle of the night I just took it and it was 113/80, so totally normal. This makes me second guess having jumped the gun and called the Dr. so quickly.... I don't want to have to switch meds or lower doses unless we REALLY have to. I suspect when I take it tomorrow after taking my wellbutrin and during the day when I'm up and around it will be higher. I also think it was high today too because of the headache and dizziness etc... but it's hard to know if that is a result of high blood pressure or if the headache was causing the high blood pressure. AHHHH. Either way I think it's one of my meds causing either high blood pressure or the headache/vertigo issues. Wish this was easier to figure out. I guess tomorrow I'll take the 150mg that he wanted me to go down to, and go from there. I have to trust my Dr's.
Marc said "Honey we knew there would be some trial and error with getting medicines right and you need to be able to accept that and trust your Dr. in the process." So true honey, so true.
And I'm going to share this, with imbarressment, because it shows how controlling and unhealthy I am right now (which I DO NOT like)... Marc was still up at 10:30pm and I had come out and asked a couple times if he had an idea of when he was coming to bed etc. which he didn't. Anyway, I was laying down (clearly not alone with 4 little people sleeping all around me) but I felt alone. I felt scared and sad and I really wanted Marc to just come cuddle with me and snuggle for even just a few minutes. He came in and sat there, and listened but I really just wanted him close to me. He was going to go back out and watch tv but he could tell I didn't want him to leave so he went and shut off all the lights and came to bed. I told him I'd be fine, to go watch his game, but he wouldn't. Anway, he came to bed and in 2 seconds he was out like a light, bless his heart he's so tired from getting up at 3:30am for work. I worry about him staying up late at night because of that.
So there ya go, my selfish self coming out! Sorry. ;o( Honey if you read this know that I love you and you are the best. Thanks for putting up with me so patiently and tenderly.

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