Thursday, February 4, 2010

Becca's Star Student Week

This week Becca is the star student in class. For a whole week she gets to bring home this adorable black and red check "briefcase" full of goodies for being star student. One thing in there is this plastic dinosaur that they can do things with and then a notebook to journal about your adventures with the dino. So the other night she got a bath with John-Marc and Sarah and her dinosaur... then she took him to bed with her. I can't wait to see what she journals about him. Each day she's gotten to bring or do special things. The first day she did this big poster all about herself with pictures of family etc. The answers to her questions were hilarious...
What do you want to be when you grow up? "Farmer, cause I like animals".
What are 3 wishes you have? "That I could have a puppy". 2. "That I could have another sister" (her spelling wasfunny) 3. "That I could have another brother".
I have yet to inform her she will NOT be getting ANY of those 3! Sorry girl, it's not happening. We've had enough babies around here.. and enough potty issues.. no PUPPIES allowed. Our one dog is enough and the best fit for us. She's so low maintanace and perfect for us! And more siblings... well gosh I think she's pretty lucky to have 5!!! ;o)
Then 3 things she likes:
Barbies, girly shoes, and chicken noodle soup (her cut out magazine pics of these were too cute).
3 Things she doesn't like:
Tomatoes! Snakes, Bees
Last night she came home and told us that she needed us to write a letter telling about her that her teacher would read to the class. I was so tired last night and remembered right before bed so Marc told me to go to bed and he'd do it. This is the letter that was sitting on the table this morning... and it melted my heart! I think it's the sweetest thing ever, and all of it is true, and best of all Daddy wrote it. I love that man! (And that girl!).
Rebecca Grace!
"Rebecca is a precious sweet girl. She is the oldest girl in her family, except for her Mommy, of course. Rebecca has always been the best sharer in her family, and even when she was little would share her brand new Christmas and birthday presents with her little sisters, even though she wanted to play with them.
Rebecca loves her stuffed animals. She loves to keep them all in their spots on her bed. Speaking of her bed, you may not know that her bedroom is pink and it has purple bubbles painted all over it. She and her sister Sarah share the “Bubble Room.”
Rebecca is named after her mommy, whose name is also Rebecca. But it wasn’t her Mommy’s idea; it was her Daddy who wanted to name her Rebecca. Her Daddy loves to call her Becca, or Miss Becca, or Sweet Pea, or Princess.
Rebecca is an amazing girl. She is a great big sister, always helping her Mommy and Daddy when they need help. We are so happy and blessed the Rebecca Grace is part of our family. We wouldn’t trade her for the world!"
Life doesn't get an sweeter than that!

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