Wednesday, December 21, 2011

From questioning, to accepting, to thanking. PART 1

This world can be an ugly place. We all know it, most of us know it first hand. It's easy to look at experiences and spend a good bit of time questioning... Why God? Why do I have to go through this? Why did you allow this? How could you let this happen? Where are you at God? What am I suppose to do now? Where were you when...? Why didn't you...? If only you had... Why aren't you answering me God? If you are good God then why? What do you want from me God?

These are hard questions, some deeply painful questions. These are human questions. I don't think they are good nor bad, and I think they are welcomed by God. If we can't tell Him the truth, if we can't go to Him and work through our messes with Him, how then can we be healed? Where then should we turn? This is what He wants, for us to be real, open, and surrendered to Him. Even if all we have to give is anger, or hurt, or questions. He'll take whatever we will give Him of ourselves. God knows us inside and out. He made us and knows everything about us. He knows our sinful ways too and in all of this He loves us still. (Psalms 139)

I absolutely do not know why God chooses to allow some things and not allow other things. It's a question I have wrestled with many times in my life. Most recently I've asked God why he has allowed me to have bipolar. Why He hasn't or doesn't just heal me. I've pleaded with Him to take it. I have no idea if my healing will come here on this earth, or if it will come when I walk through the doors of heaven and meet my Savior.

I do know though is it is coming. He promises healing for all of us. The One who came to save the world, He is coming back for us; and as we wait we have His Holy Spirit here to comfort us, to move in power on our behalf, to point us to Jesus and to minister to our hearts.
And when Jesus comes back for us (or when we are taken to be with Him).....
He will make all the wrongs right, take away every tear and all our sadness, every hurt. every harsh memory and all pain and sickness. One day we will be made whole with Him.

Right now, wherever we are and whatever we are doing, He love us. He has no favorites, no specials, He doesn't segregate us from "good" vs. "bad", He just sees us as His children, and He wants us, because He has this radical love that isn't based on anything about us, it's based on who He is and how much He wants to have our hearts. He has fierce love that was strong and real, deep enough to die for us, even in our sin.

With Jesus there is no such thing as "too bad" or gone "too far". He takes us as we are, loves us through it all, and if we ask Him to He will transform us into new people.

I'm praying for deeper faith, more trust, greater hope, and more thankfulness in my heart.
God has a purpose and plan for each of us; He will unravel it throughout our lives if we ask Him to, weaving it through love and pain. He works in His timing and His ways. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Stay tuned for Part 2!!

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever....

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