Saturday, October 29, 2011

Conviction and love gifts...

Sometimes I need a good attitude check. I need to confront myself, my motives, my thoughts, my purposes. Sometimes God gives me a check with conviction out of love, sometimes satan tries to blindside us with condemnation.

I can ask God to convict me and show me where I'm lacking or falling short, and I can move forward and allow Him to change me and bring me to repentance (to go the opposite direction).

I can allow Satan to condemn me and open up to lies. He tells us we are hopeless to change, we are guilty, we beat ourselves up and tell ourselves we won't ever get it right. Condemnation keeps us bound, keeps us prey to the fear and failure and we feel doomed.

In praying and asking God with a heart that desires communion and wholeness with Him, He convicts us and He begins to show us our needs, our sin. Then He leads us through truth and constantly makes us right in Him. Becoming honest to ourselves, and then to God, that's part of the process towards holiness and purity in Him.

Choosing honesty and realness about where we are at, what we are doing, it allows Jesus to work in us, to open our minds to the truth, to see our need for Him, to see Him working in us, giving us faith and hope.
To come to Jesus as an open book, one that He holds the pen, he writes, he corrects, he brings the story alive and true, that's where He can make us real.

My prayer today is to stop allowing condemnation, and face the truth of my fallen human nature, to be real about where I'm sinning and lacking, and to come before Jesus and ask Him to cleanse me and put me on the path of pleasing Him again. The condemnation of guilt in itself is sin.

John 8:32
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

I confess Jesus that my heart is not pure. I confess that I have had a selfish, grumbling, self-pitying attitude. I have been focused on seeking approval of others rather than pleasing You alone. I am a hypocrite when I want others to think I am better than I am.

Please forgive me Jesus, and thank you for Your redemption and forgiveness right now. I repent once again of my selfish prideful attitude and I die to myself, take ALL of me. I am yours and I live for You. I submit my whole being to You and ask that you would continue to convict me when I go astray. I want to please you Lord, above all my expectation is to You and You alone.

Thank You for Your grace, for Your salvation, Your peace, Your sacrifice for me. Thank you Jesus that You hear every prayer, You meet every need, You never tire from loving us. You are my God and you are worthy of ALL my praise, all my thanksgiving, it the midst of all things. I love you always and forever.

Continuing on to counting my love gifts from Jesus (to 1000)... #395-416
I'm thankful for:

Grace that abounds always

6 precious children that challenge who I am and what I believe every day

A husband that lays himself down as Christ laid himself down for the church.

A precious trip to PA with my dad in the mountains.

Healing of memories, precious times watching my kids do things that I did as a child at camp with my dad. (making mountain pies over the fire, playing in the creek, building a dam, hiking, hunting for Elk).

A precious trip to PA with my grandma, the kids great grandma. Cherished memories of my childhood, watching the girls talk and play under the grape vines, sitting and talking for hours with my grandma, her amazing cooking

blessings that reach my soul.

A week long fall break trip with my 6 kids and 24+ hrs. of total driving time and I DID it! We had a wonderful time.

Ephesians 6: The armor of God.
The sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.

Promises in the Bible that I can count on to be true.

The day I will meet Jesus in Glory Land where every tear and every pain will be gone.

Weekends with family

Picnics at our Pastor's house with our church family.

Time alone, and time with family.


Forgiveness of sins

God's answering of prayers

Never alone, never

God is God and we are His children

Children who have imaginations and play for hours using their imaginations.

God's love and pleasure over me no matter how well I'm doing or how much I am missing the mark. That His thoughts about me never change and there isn't anything I can do to earn His grace.

Perfect love casts out fear. God forgives my fearful heart and gives me security and peace.

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