Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'll Thank You in the Dark (Just a little poem I wrote)

I sense the darkness near to me.
It surrounds and presses into me.
It grips me tight
and pierces deep.

The bright day sky fills with clouds thick
Day gives way to night
And light hides it’s face.
I struggle to see my way.

Nothing looks the same from here
The truth seems to fade to gray.
I try to stay focused Lord,
To keep my eyes fixed on You.

Here in this place
Everything feels like too much.
I get overwhelmed and anxious
And nothing seems right.

I reach out in the dark,
I call you in the night.
Your gentle hand takes me in.
your strong arms pull me close.

Your grace sustain me.
Your strength holds me up.
I thank you in the dark.
Your goodness gives me hope.

I cry out to You Jesus.
I beg You to take this away.
I pray that it won’t come back
But I find myself here again.

My heart doesn't know the reasons
why you choose to let it be.
My mind warring against itself.
Day after day.

I long for You to take this
To make my mind healthy again.
It feels so wrong to question
But I just don’t understand.

I resist and I fight.
Tears fall on the inside.
My heart sighs deep.
I don’t want to be here again.

I whisper out to you.
Your grace is sufficient for me.
Your power is made perfect in my weakness.
I have a whole lot of weakness Lord.

Caught in waves of despair
You calm this raging sea.
You lift me up above the water,
In Your strength no storm can engulf me.

You alone know my heart, my mind Jesus.
You created me and know me inside and out.
This life of brokenness isn't what you intended,
but You love me through it all, regardless.

Walk this with me Sweet Jesus;
Strengthen me through this with Your peace.
I’m clinging to you Jesus.
I'm thanking You in the dark.

You see me through it all.
You pour out your grace
You extend your mercy
You hold me steady.

I trust You to sustain me
even when the night finds me
I’ll cry out to You
because I know You rescue me.

You are so good to me Jesus.
I know You don't waste a thing.
Your love amazes me Jesus.
I'll keep thanking You in the dark.


  1. Ellee31/3/11

    Wow! I like what you wrote. I wish I could give you a big hug! You are a great friend, I just wanted you to know that. Keep writing, and I'll keep reading. :)

  2. A poem that pulled me in – I’ve spent many nights like this – and never alone – He was in each night with me – EVERY ONE. Your words – all were so good – “I’m clinging to you Jesus. I'm thanking You in the dark.” This rang out – I remember this always – Don’t forget in the dark what God has shown you in the light. And I’ve said a prayer for you – just in case you need it.

    God Bless and keep you and your family Becky