Monday, March 14, 2011

Three years ago today we welcomed John-Marc Nathaniel into our family...

He is our "bonus baby". We thought we were done after 5, but God gave us the gift of one more and he's been a blessing and joy in our lives. I always wanted a John-Marc so when we were done (last 3 were girls) I remember thinking "I'll never get my John-Marc.
God heard my heart and we have our John-Marc. John-Marc has brought so much laughter and fun into our family. It's truly been a joy to share life with this little guy.

His name means:
John- God is gracious
Marc- Mighty Warrior
Nathaniel- God's gift

And he such a gift of God's grace, and we pray that he will become a mighty warrior for Jesus.

Those of you that know John-Marc know how funny he can be, and how wild. He's been nicknamed "Pinball" by Daddy because when he was littler he went so full force that he just bounced off everything in his path. Then he took on the nickname Dennis because, well he reminds us of Dennis the Mennis He still gets called that when he's into something... but we mostly call him John-Marc or JM.
We can count on him to bring us many laughs. He's also tender, he absolutely LOVES his brothers and sisters, they are his whole world.
He loves to read books and be sung to. He loves outside, loves swinging, loves being funny and with 2 big brothers he has lots of "funny" things he's been taught.
He also has a huge imagination due to the older ones influence. He loves to pretend house, and pretend being a bear or that a bear is around us. We often play that game when we're out in the car.

He's started recently playing the "if my eyes are shut you can't see me" game. He really thinks that when we come in a room and he's doing something he's not suppose to do that if he closes his eyes we can't see him.
He loves hammers and tools, loves to hit random people, walls, animals with it (eekk), loves trains, and cars, and animals.

He has a favorite "cheeta" stuffed animal from when he was a baby, and still sleeps with it every night.

His new thing is emphasizing things with "SUPER"... at night he says mommy tuck me in SUPER SUPER fast.

The boy will pull out all the stops at night like no body's business. He tries so hard to stall and stay up as long as possible. "I need a drink, I need my vitamin, I need to go potty, I need to wash my hands, etc"

He is a little boy with a whole lot of life, whole lot of God's love and light and Marc and I can't wait to see what God has in store for his future.

So today, counting my gifts... John-Marc Nathaniel is at the top of the list! Happy birthday baby boy!

Tons of pictures... Sorry they are in reverse oldest to youngest, they upload backwards and I don't have time to change them...


  1. Children are such a huge blessing. You have a wonderful family and the cutest kids. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Anonymous15/3/11

    Oh my goodness! Those pics were great! I loved the one of him falling/jumping off the couch and the naked butt one too! What a fun boy.

  3. What a blessing to read and view the pictures of your youngest blessing. He's a doll. I had to look twice to tell which one was him in the picture of what was then your youngest (daughter) on the couch with a doll and John-Marc. He looked just like a doll baby laying there beside her. Thank you so much for making me aware of the pics. :-)