Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow day and counting my gifts

This is day 2 of a snow day for the kids. I think I love it as much as they do. It's so exciting and I love staying inside and being together. Maybe they will go out and play in it later today.
I'm a couple days late on counting 1000 gifts from Jesus...

Gifts #183-203

My boys (10 and 11) reading their bibles intensly. They have questions about the bible non-stop.

I'm thankful for a husband that studied the bible in college.

The beautiful snow.

A sweet time driving in the car last night with my kids each shouting out praises and thanksgiving for things. Sweet Abby was quiet for a while and then said "I'm thankful that Daddy gets to go to school". So precious!!!

A 2 yr old who says "This is the best day I ever seen". Several times a week.

A rocking chair that has rocked all 6 of my sweet babies.

Duct tape to hold the broken spindle together so we can keep rocking (Ha!)

Time with grandparents and cousins.

A close friend that has kids the same ages as mine who love each other as much as my friend and I love each other.

A new sparkle in my husband's eyes.

Grace grace and more grace.

New days, new beginnings, new mercies.


Unending prayer.

A 6 yr old who carries her baby doll around everywhere and loves being a "mommy". I never could swaddle a real baby the way she can swaddle that baby.

My 10 yr old teaching my 4 yr old how to bowl on the wii.


The ability to praise.

The power of thanksgiving.

Thankful that the devil can't stand praise and runs!

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  1. Beautiful list, Becky! Laughter, the ability to praise, the power of thanksgiving...and probably my most favorite, "A new sparkle in my husband's eyes". Blessings to you, sweet friend.