Friday, January 6, 2012

Word for the year

The last couple years I've had a word for the year, I pray for a word that God can use to bring focus and growth in my relationship with Him. Last year it was "NOW", living in the now. That's where He is; We commune with Him in the present moments. That's been both a challenge and a gift, and I will continue to work on this.

This year God gave me the word "FORWARD", move forward. praise God! Oh how I want to continue to move forward, to go deeper with Him, to look back on some things and leave them behind me and move forward. I already know that this will mean both pain and joy, challenging and stretching but empowering and freeing. He's been doing this in some areas this past year and I'm looking forward to all He does this next year.

He longs to walk us through and beyond the things that so easily hold us back and prevent us from living life in His fullness. He even wants to use those times to bring good into the present and the future.

Isn't dwelling and stuffing down emotion and holding onto disappointments and hurts one of satan's favorite ways to keep us bound in him? God offers His love and redemption for such a purpose as moving forward and Releasing us from the burdens that weigh us down so that new life can emerge for His glory.

That's not to say that we ourselves can just make up our mind to let go and put things behind us, nor does God want us to. Our strength alone isn't alone strong enough to change such things and from my experiences every single time I try to do something in my own strength I fall flat on my face.

We can though ask God to help us move forward, and He WILL move us forward in the ways that He knows, and in the ways that He knows we are ready for and need at each moment. As we press forward into each moment He meets us there. To be Set apart for His glory, To please Him, that's the desire of my heart. Again though, I can't just muster up enough will to do that, it requires constant focus forward to move where Jesus is moving.

Normally when I fall on my face and take things into my own will, once I realize this I get frustrated with myself, beat myself up about it, and dwell/stew on what I did or didn't do etc. As part of moving forward I'm praying and desiring that God will help me to get back up and try again, to surrender and allow Him to lead me right back to Him and to take off where we were and focus my eyes forward. I want to move forward.

I know Jesus will continue to build our my understanding and ability to live in the now as it also relates to moving forward.

Jesus wants us to become healthy so much. For deeply hurtful things this usually requires us to let Jesus to take us back, works hard things through, so that when we are ready we will be able to let go and be healed and move forward. This doesn't mean forgetting, and not even that it doesn't hurt again, it just means that we let God in and we let Him have control and reign in these areas.

One of the hundreds of things I love about Jesus is that He isn't pushy, He doesn't have limits or expectations that He requires in our relationship with Him. He accepts and even takes joy in the itty bitty tiny progress we make, and even more amazingly He takes joy in us whether we are moving forward or not; but because He loves us so much He wants to give us freedom and healing, but whether we accept that or not His love is steady and faithful. He love us so much that He longs for us to be set free and healed from things that hold us back. He is ever patient, steady and unwavering in His love for us.

What areas do you feel God wants to walk you through, heal, and move forward in? Do you want Him to? Have you asked?

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