Monday, January 17, 2011

Counting my Gifts One by One

Ann Voskamp, the woman that started the gratitude community of counting 1000 gifts from Jesus... Her book was just released today!Wooohoooo!
I can't wait to read it.
Her blog is an amazing gift to me:
For me counting my gifts from Jesus, writing my gratitude's, has been powerful. I'm finding power in praise. It's my thanksgiving to Jesus but yet He turns around and blesses me. He's like that ya know?
Thank you Jesus for the gifts seen and unseen this week.

My gift list #204-224

A boy and his dog. Lucy (our dog) goes downstairs and lays with Caleb every night until he goes to sleep. You don't have to call her, she jumps up on his bed. Then when Caleb is asleep she comes back upstairs with us until we go to bed. Lucy's been a big blessing for Caleb especially, and all of our family.

Pretty pottery bowl with a beautiful candle from a friend inside.

An empty clean sink

My 4 yr old Abby telling me very often: "Mommy I love you One hundred and ninety days" and she really thinks that number is a crazy lot of love. :O)

Candles. Even in the midst of chaos and mess lighting a candle soothes my soul.

My husband's joy and excitement as he tells me all about school. (this is a huge huge blessing). There's hope that he will one day again have a job he loves.

The ability to choose.

A movie with Mom, step-dad, sister, her kids, my kids. One that leaves you feeling all warm inside.

Life. Created and given freely.

Joy that no one or nothing can take away.

God's living breathing Word.

My husband.

A big house with lots of room for laughter and play.

Notes and Pictures from my kids on my fridge.

God restores the years the locust have eaten.

Nothing is wasted; God uses it all.

That God sees and feels the tears that are only shed in my heart.

Quiet evenings

Grace is always free.

My 10 and 11 yr old reading their bibles.

My 11 year old saying "Mommy I feel like a real part of our church now". He has chosen to sit with us during the service instead of go with the kids. ;o)

Memories new and old.

God is personal. He speaks and works in each of us in the individual ways that we need. His ways are always tailor-made for each of us. He made us all different yet loves us all the same.

God always hears my prayers.

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