Monday, December 6, 2010

Decorating the tree through my little one's eyes

Tonight we put ornaments on our Christmas tree. It was precious watching all 6 of my kids moving around each other, putting on each little decoration one by one. So precious. John-Marc (2yrs) was just sitting them on top of the branches. He was so proud of himself. I loved listening to them talk about and question me on different ornaments.
As I sit here on my cozy couch beside my wonderful Godly husband, looking at the Christmas tree all lit up I'm reminded that I am so blessed. My life is so full, our home is warm and perfect for us. We have each other and more than anything we have the love of our Precious Father who meets every need and fills every want when we ask and allow Him.
Marc (dh) was frustrated with one of the kids tonight and I could tell that something was bothering him. I asked him about it and he said that sometimes he wonders what he is doing wrong in his parenting that the kids don't understand or know what's expected of them by now, and that they don't remember the things we tell them over and over, and often they never listen long or well enough to hear and respond.
God spoke to me. Our Heavenly Father is the ultimate Parent. He loves and disciplines and trains us in the most perfect, Holy and loving ways... yet we often don't listen, don't follow, don't trust, and we think the way we want to do things will work better. That's not a reflection of how good of a parent He is; it's a reflection of our own sinful nature and our immature actions. I think that is something really helpful for us as parents to remember. We aren't perfect and we sure do fall short as a parent in many areas but the grace of Jesus is there to catch the things we let fall through or fall on the wayside. His Fathering of us is perfect and many of us know that to be true, yet often we resist His training. I'm asking Jesus for mercy and grace as a parent; I'm also asking Him for the ability and the desire and willingness to be obedient as His child. I am at rest in Him and even in the midst of all my shortcomings and struggles His grace and love is sufficient for me right at this very moment, and in all things. Help us Jesus to not resist your love, and your ways. I am forever grateful for your patience and understanding.

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  1. I so enjoyed visiting here with you tonight. You have beautiful their delight in placing the ornaments where they want!

    I will be back to visit again when I have a bit more time to read some more on your blog. I have a feeling we could become very good friends. :)